Male Coupling - PN16

Ürün Kodu

Product Code

Ürün Çapı

Product Dia

Ambalaj Adedi

Packaging Total

S-KE-20 20X1/2" 200
S-KE-21 20X3/4'' 200
S-KE-25 25X1/2" 140
S-KE-26 25X3/4" 140
S-KE-27 25X1" 140
S-KE-32 32X3/4" 100
S-KE-33 32X1" 100
S-KE-34 32X1 1/4'' 100
S-KE-40 40X1" 45
S-KE-41 40X1 1/4" 45
S-KE-50 50X1 1/4" 25
S-KE-51 50X1 1/2" 25
S-KE-52 50X2" 25
S-KE-63 63X2" 15
S-KE-75 75X2 1/2" 9
S-KE-90 90X3" 6
S-KE-110 110X4'' 4


It is made of high-quality polypropylene raw material, resistant to impact.

It prevents problems that may occur due to size differences or ovality in pipes thanks to its conical clamping feature.

It does not allow mossing and bacterial growth, as it does not pass UV rays.

Oringi is made of rubber and provides tightness under high pressure.

Their inner surface is homogeneous and non-porous.

It does not contain harmful compounds that can change the smell and taste of water.

Our female products provide high sealing at variable temperatures thanks to a corrosion-resistant metal ring.

The Dis dimensions comply with ISO 7-1 Standard.

It complies with ISO 17885 Standard.

It can be produced in different diameters from Ø 20 mm to Ø 110 mm.

  • Drinking Water from the City Network
  • Landscape Sector
  • Agricultural Irrigation – Greenhouses