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Product Code

Ürün Çapı

Product Diameter




63 x 50

2” x 1 Vz”


75 x 50

2 Vz“ x 1Vz”


75 x 63

2 Vz” x 2”


90 x 50

3“x1 Vz”


90 x 63

3”x 2”


90 x 75

3” x 2 Vz”


110 x 75

4“ x 2 Vz”


110 x 90

4” x 3”


125 x 75

4 Vz“ x 2 Vz”


125 x 90

4 Vz” x 3”



4 Vz“ x 4”


140 x 90

5” x 3”



5“ x 4”


140 x 125

5” x 4 Vz”



6“ x 4”


160 x125

6” x 4 Vz”


160 x140

6“ x 5”

Sprinkler irrigation is an irrigation system that consists of spraying the water needed by the plant in the form of rain under a certain pressure. Water is transmitted by pressure to the sprinkler heads. The individual sprinkler system consists of water supply, pump unit, main pipeline, vertical pipeline and sprinkler heads. Özdoğan Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes manufactured according to TS EN 12201-2 standards are produced in 50-160 mm diameters of 5 and 6 mt lengths using high density Polyethylene (HDPE). The operating pressure is 6 atmospheres. Ozdogan Sprinkler Pipes are very easy to install, their interconnection is achieved by combining a rubber seal and latches on both sides.

  • It is resistant to impacts and is unbreakable, so its service life is long.
  • It is highly resistant to chemicals and fertilizers used in agriculture.
  • It is not affected by the sun's rays.
  • It has a high working pressure.
  • It is made of high quality original raw materials.
  • It provides an increase in crop yield and quality.
  • It provides ease of irrigation even on sloping lands.
  • Fertilizer is delivered to the plant along with irrigation water.
  • It provides an even and uniform distribution of water throughout the land in accordance with the shape of the subject.
  • Vegetables, citrus fruits, vineyards and other fruits can be protected from frost and heat.
  • It saves labor and time.
  • It is compatible with quality october fittings.
  • It provides ease of installation with its light weight, flexible structure and practicality.
  • It is easy to assemble thanks to its latches.

Sprinkler Pipes

A sprinkler pipe is a pipe that carries water to a sprinkler system, such as a sprinkler system in an irrigation system or a fire extinguishing system. Sprinkler pipes are part of a larger network of pipes used to efficiently deliver water to where it is needed. Most hardware stores and home appliance stores carry pipes that can be used for sprinkler systems. However, people should be aware that fire extinguishing systems have some special requirements and it may be a good idea to hire a professional to install and maintain the system.

Where Are Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes Used?

In the world of agriculture and horticulture, sprinkler pipes are part of an irrigation network used to transmit water to plants. Pipes can be buried underground or laid on the surface, depending on the climate and the preferences of the person who made the installation. Sprinkler pipes throughout the irrigation system protrude from the main pipe to supply water to separate sprinkler groups. People are able to control the water distribution with various valves and separate piping systems to reduce waste.

PVC is a common material for sprinkler pipes, but other types of pipes can also be used. The most common problem with sprinkler pipes is the failure of the pipe, which leads to leakage and loss of water. Repairing a broken sprinkler pipe involves locating the leak, turning off the water supply, exposing the broken sprinkler pipe area, cutting off the pipe, and installing a new section. This task is not very difficult. However, it is important to make sure that it is done properly to prevent further leaks from occurring in the system.

In an agricultural irrigation system, sprinkler pipes supply water to separate sprinkler groups. Sprinklers can be activated in various ways. Some of them are opened when a small glass tube inside the sprinkler is broken. In this direction, others react to smoke and flames that trigger fire alarms. In addition, others can also be turned on remotely for activation. Metal is usually used for sprinkler pipes in a fire extinguishing system, and in order for a sprinkler pipe not to deteriorate in a fire, the metal is coated and protected to be heat-resistant.

In a fire extinguishing system, the sprinkler pipe must be able to transmit very large amounts of water at very high pressure in a fairly short period of time. As a result, they must be very strong with solid connections, and it is a good idea to regularly inspect a fire extinguishing system to verify that all components are in good condition and will function properly in the event of a fire.

Sprinkler Pipe Specifications

Sprinkler pipes are generally used in fields. At this point, we can talk about the characteristics of the products in question as follows.

• These pipes are resistant to harsh conditions.

• It has a long-lasting structure.

• These pipes, which have connection clamps, prevent water loss while ensuring the prevention of water leaks.

* They are pipes used in almost all kinds of terrain.

* Resistant to sun rays and various microorganisms.

• These pipes, which have a lightweight structure, are quite easy to transport and install.

• These products, which are resistant to chemical fertilizers used in agriculture, are chemical resistant. Therefore, it also protects the purity of the water.

• It provides financial savings because you will not employ workers for irrigation.

Prices for Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes

The prices of sprinkler irrigation pipes are the most curious issue for people who want to have these pipes. At this point, if you want to get information about sprinkler pipe prices and have these products, you can contact us. As Özdoğanplast, we produce the highest quality products in this field. You can also get information about this by contacting Özdoğanplast.



As there is no water loss in the system, water is used to the maximum extent even in places where irrigation water is low (3.5 lt/sec). Irrigation can be carried out in places with a disturbed topography of the slope without causing erosion. Water; the soil, as it was in the rain fine particles is given in crop yield compared to other irrigation methods in 20-50% of an increase between provides and raises the quality. Eliminates the inability of the plant to rise above the soil due to the fact that the soil is skimmed at the time of seed germination. It is the most ideal irrigation system for low soil depth and (shallow) permeable soils. Especially near the sea, salt particles, dust and harmful pests left by wind-borne salt waters on plants can be washed away by sprinkling. Sprinkler irrigation is the most suitable irrigation method in places with high ground water (Drainage) problems, as it is possible to irrigate the area with irrigation.

It is used for irrigation of sloping plots, vineyards, gardens, vegetable citrus and other fruits.