Sunpipe Adjusted Sprink

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Nozzle Dia

Basınç (bar)


Debi (l/h)


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1380 24.00


1520 25.00


1730 25.00


1860 26.00


2020 27.00


Su Girişi

Water Input

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2-3 bar

5.0 mm

Sprinkler irrigation is an irrigation system that consists of spraying the water needed by the plant in the form of rain under a certain pressure. Water is transmitted by pressure to the sprinkler heads. The individual sprinkler system consists of water supply, pump unit, main pipeline, vertical pipeline and sprinkler heads. Özdoğan Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes manufactured according to TS EN 12201-2 standards are produced in 50-160 mm diameters of 5 and 6 mt lengths using high density Polyethylene (HDPE). The operating pressure is 6 atmospheres. Ozdogan Sprinkler Pipes are very easy to install, their interconnection is achieved by combining a rubber seal and latches on both sides.

  • It is resistant to impacts and is unbreakable, so its service life is long.
  • It is highly resistant to chemicals and fertilizers used in agriculture.
  • It is not affected by the sun's rays.
  • It has a high working pressure.
  • It is made of high quality original raw materials.
  • It provides an increase in crop yield and quality.
  • It provides ease of irrigation even on sloping lands.
  • Fertilizer is delivered to the plant along with irrigation water.
  • It provides an even and uniform distribution of water throughout the land in accordance with the shape of the subject.
  • Vegetables, citrus fruits, vineyards and other fruits can be protected from frost and heat.
  • It saves labor and time.
  • It is compatible with quality october fittings.
  • It provides ease of installation with its light weight, flexible structure and practicality.
  • It is easy to assemble thanks to its latches.

Types of Sprinkler Sprinklers

Sprinklers are preferred as an important element of sprinkler irrigation systems. It provides efficient transfer of water to the plant after transportation through pipes. Moreover, it also supports plant productivity by ensuring that water is distributed evenly to all points. You can also use your preference in favor of Özdoğanplast for sprinkler sprinklers, which are considered a very special option in agricultural irrigation and garden irrigation.

How about reaching a successful result by making your choice thanks to the most accurate fountain types? You can experience the shopping experience by browsing all the varieties for the most suitable options for your needs.

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The Use of Sprinkler Sprinklers in Irrigation

Water is one of the most important resources for the continuation of human life. Thanks to the correct and efficient use of water, the sustainability of living life comes to the fore. In this context, the important thing is not to use water, but to use it in sufficient quantity and correctly. Sprinklers, which are a part of sprinkler systems, provide a successful result while supporting the transfer of water.

You can also use sprinklers for agricultural irrigation, garden irrigation and many other types of irrigation. Although the product types are different, the aim is that water can be used more successfully. Then wouldn't you like to evaluate the most ideal options in this regard too? You should not forget that you can benefit from the most suitable options with Özdoğanplast.

Advantages of Using Sprinkler Sprinkler Types

Sprinklers ensure that water is used in the most efficient way and meets the soil without being wasted. In this context, the important thing is to open the door to a great result on the use of water. As Özdoğanplast, we offer similar standards in all sprinkler sprinklers we produce. Moreover, we do not neglect to bring the following advantages to the fountains used with you.

• Since water loss is minimal, it is possible to benefit from irrigation advantages even in regions where water is very scarce,

* It is ensured that irrigation is minimally affected by the terrain conditions and that the growth of plants is facilitated,

* Successful results are achieved thanks to the use of sprinklers in soils where the soil depth is low and the permeability is good,

• It is possible to wash the salt transported to agricultural lands near the sea thanks to the water sprayed by sprinkler sprinklers,

• Due to the fact that the amount of water can be controlled, excessive or incomplete irrigation problems do not arise,

• Since there is no need for field ditches, it is possible to realize agricultural production in a wider area thanks to irrigation,

• It is possible to reduce the effect of frost and heat to a minimum level in vegetable, citrus, vineyard and all other agricultural production areas,

* It is ensured that soluble artificial fertilizers are delivered to the plant with water.

Considering all these advantages, sprinkler sprinkler types are considered to be a very successful solution. For this reason, it is possible to achieve quality with fountain varieties as one of the most remarkable options in agricultural irrigation!

To Get Detailed Information About Özdoğanplast Sprinkler Sprinklers;

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Our Whatsapp Order Line:0549 949 19 25

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You can contact us immediately from the numbers above or from our e-mail address to supply pipes suitable for agricultural irrigation systems with an affordable price and high quality guarantee!

Özdoğanplast Irrigation Sprinklers Features

As Özdoğanplast, we aim to respond to your needs in the best way regarding irrigation sprinklers. Within this framework, we are doing our part more than enough to ensure that the sprinklers we produce meet your needs. Do you also want to prefer field irrigation sprinklers or sprinkler irrigation sprinklers? Then you should make your choice with unique products. Here are the very special qualities that are waiting for you with Özdoğanplast fountains!

Quality Raw Materials and Usefulness

It is aimed to produce successful products thanks to the plastic and auxiliary raw materials used in the production of fountains. In this context, quality is one of the features that comes to the fore in all field irrigation sprinklers. It is paid attention to the amount and pressure with which the water will be brought together with the plant by sprinkling. As Özdoğanplast, we care about acting with a perspective that does not compromise on quality while bringing the products that stand out with their raw materials and usefulness to you. In this direction, we do not neglect to act with the requests from you.

Fountains Suitable for Different Needs

It should be stated that there are a wide variety of options for field irrigation sprinklers for a farmer who wants to buy sprinklers. In this context, one of the most important features of sprinklers is to determine what the amount of water will be and to adapt with the pipes to be used together. In this framework, you can also have a hassle-free shopping experience by making your choice for sprinkler sprinklers.

When you want to make a choice between the types sunpipe sprinkler sprinkler Fountain, Sunpipe Mini, Sunpipe Gray, you can benefit from many options such as angle adjustable and angle adjustable Mini Sunpipe Sunpipe. You can use the products that attract attention with their functionality by purchasing them in a way that suits your needs. In this way, it will be possible to benefit from a special choice for you.

Squirting Performance at Different Levels

Thanks to the sprinkler sprinklers, which are among the indispensable sprinkler irrigation solutions, a design that will ensure that water is brought together with a sufficient amount of soil and plants is preferred Dec. In order for the design to be prepared carefully and to respond to changing needs, you can buy these products, which will also be your choice, with the assurance of Özdoğanplast.

Irrigation is much more efficient thanks to the sprinklers that accurately adjust the pressure of the water coming from the source and squirt the water to the desired distance. Moreover, thanks to adjustable water usage, it is possible to reach a more efficient point of irrigation in the field, garden or other areas. Then focus on high performance in irrigation by choosing sprinklers that will meet your expectations in the best way!

Resistance to Environmental Conditions

Sprinkler sprinklers are exposed to the sun, wind and rain from time to time during irrigation. This situation may cause the sprinklers to wear out and may also bring with it negativities. The long life of the sprinklers, which are constantly exposed to environmental influences, is very valuable for Özdoğanplast. Meticulousness is at the forefront in order to ensure that all fountains produced are not easily worn out. Thus, the sprinkler does not need to be constantly replaced or repaired.

The long life of the sprinklers used for irrigation of fields and gardens is also very pleasing to consumers. Thus, it becomes easier to make a choice that is both high quality and suitable for needs. Meet your expectations in the best way thanks to sprinkler sprinklers as an unusual option for you too!

The Most Suitable Types of Sprinkler Sprinklers and their Prices

Sprinkler sprinklers make you feel more than useful as well as being a very successful product in meeting your needs. For this reason, carefully evaluate not only the technical advantages of the products you will buy, but also their prices. As Özdoğanplast, we promise you special options in order to create both high-quality and useful options. Thus, we highlight the reasonable prices for the sprinkler sprinkler you will buy. So, what are the things you should pay attention to when shopping for a fountain?

Many options such as pieces, preferred models and fittings in sprinkler sprinklers affect the prices. By taking these details into account, you can catch the most affordable prices with a purchase that you will make. Moreover, you can benefit from Özdoğanplast assurance as the most advantageous option in terms of affordable price. While designing quality products, solutions that will meet your needs also meet with you thanks to Özdoğanplast.

Don't you want to open the door to a trouble-free process for the best irrigation of your field or garden? Then determine the products that best suit your needs. Then you can use sprinkler sprinklers in your field and garden. Advantages are waiting for you with Özdoğanplast!

To Get Detailed Information About Özdoğanplast Sprinkler Sprinklers;

Our Landline Phone Line: 0232 877 20 80

Our Whatsapp Order Line:0549 949 19 25

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You can contact us immediately from the numbers above or from our e-mail address to supply pipes suitable for agricultural irrigation systems with an affordable price and high quality guarantee!

As there is no water loss in the system, water is used to the maximum extent even in places where irrigation water is low (3.5 lt/sec). Irrigation can be carried out in places with a disturbed topography of the slope without causing erosion. Water; the soil, as it was in the rain fine particles is given in crop yield compared to other irrigation methods in 20-50% of an increase between provides and raises the quality. Eliminates the inability of the plant to rise above the soil due to the fact that the soil is skimmed at the time of seed germination. It is the most ideal irrigation system for low soil depth and (shallow) permeable soils. Especially near the sea, salt particles, dust and harmful pests left by wind-borne salt waters on plants can be washed away by sprinkling. Sprinkler irrigation is the most suitable irrigation method in places with high ground water (Drainage) problems, as it is possible to irrigate the area with irrigation.

It is used for irrigation of sloping plots, vineyards, gardens, vegetable citrus and other fruits.